Khesh is a special type of style of saree weaved in handlooms. Looms are machines used to weave clothes. There are two types of looms power loom and hand loom. In handloom weaver has to provide each thread to wept and warp. Khesh is made in a unique process, in which old clothes are torn into long straps. Weaver has to select straps according to color and put it in spite of wept thread. It’s a long and tedious process as the weaver has to select color of the strap according to the need. Cotton threads are used for weaving such sarees.

Khesh is a heritage of India. Khesh was originated from Bolpur (Shantiniketan). Khesh is eco-friendly. Famous fashion designer Ritu Kumar also used Khadi in her designs.

Khesh can be washed normally.



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