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"Saree" is not just the most glamorous attire but also it is the 'canvas' for weavers to create artistic weaves. The word 'Sari' is originated from the Prakrit word 'Sattika' which got shortened to 'Sati' and further evolved into 'Sari'. In today's world, where designer dresses have unfold their wings among all dress styles, this long unstitched piece of cloth is the only ancient Indian apparel , that is still the most desired attire for all women. We, team Saundraa has taken the initiative to be a part of grooming of a women to her most beautiful and desired look.

This is hard to believe but an Indian saree is more than 5000 years old! Even we could find it mentioned in the oldest surviving literature of the world "Rig Veda". Saree is an emotion, a story to tell. It is said that the cotton and the art of weaving it into fabric come to India from Mesopotamia civilization.

 India is a fascinating country of various colours, ethnicity and cultural traditions. Over thousands of years, geographical, historical and religious influences have weaved the colourful fabric of Indian culture. We have different sarees in different regions. In the Northern part of India, we have sarees like 'Bandhni', 'Chikan', 'Benarasi' and 'Taant'. 'Baluchari' and 'Kantha' are famous in Eastern part of India (mostly in West Bengal). Sputhern part of India has beautiful 'Kanchipuram' and 'Madisar'. West has 'Bandhej', 'Patola' and 'Chanderi'.

Team Saundraa has focused on the sarees of West Bengal, in particularly on the hand woven sarees of Bengal. So let's see what we have in Bengal!
If we try to give a closer look to the sarees of Bengal, we could find there variety of designs and colours blended in cotton. Where power looms has spread its kingdom in every nook and corner, Bengal sarees has been successfully maintaining its charm being weaved in the shuttle-pit loom, made of ropes, wooden beams and poles. Let's check out few of the many handwoven treasures Bengal has: 

Taant literally means "Made on the loom". It is traditionally made by the weavers from mostly places like MurshidabadNadiaHooghly of West Bengal and DhakaTangail of Bangladesh.

Baluchari is more than 200 years old. This handwoven saree is made of silk and has borders which depicts stories from Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Bengal has another beautiful and delicate embroidery Kantha. This is a running stitch mostly practiced by rural women of West Bengal. 

Saundraa brings all of these various types of hand woven sarees to you. The motive of team Saundraa is to give tribute to the rich cultural heritage that our sarees are defining. Keeping in mind how the climate of India changes, we have all types of sarees perfect for each of them.

We haven’t forgot about our various colours and cultures of India We have sarees for each occasions on various textures, colours and patterns. From office wear to party wear, from light and comfortable saree to heavy design gorgeous saree – you can find each type of them in our wardrobe. So please check out our collection and pick the best one for you to be unique.



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