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Colours and looms!

When I started exploring fashion trends of Bengal, I was really surprised to see the hidden treasure of Bengal. With the change of colors in various parts of Bengal, it’s tradition, culture and people changes and along with them, fashion gets change. Incredible isn’t it! I was surprised to know the types of Bengal sarees we are having in here. Honestly, like any other person, I have a thought that sarees are only traditional and not in trend with regular fashion. It’s not easy to maintain and hard to carry. But no! Bengal has variety of sarees which are not only ..


Khesh is a special type of style of saree weaved in handlooms. Looms are machines used to weave clothes. There are two types of looms power loom and hand loom. In handloom weaver has to provide each thread to wept and warp. Khesh is made in a unique process, in which old clothes are torn into long straps. Weaver has to select straps according to color and put it in spite of wept thread. It’s a long and tedious process as the weaver has to select color of the strap according to the need. Cotton threads are used for weaving such sarees. Khesh is a heritage of India. Khesh was originated from Bolpur (Shantiniketan). Khesh is eco-friendly. Famous fashion designer ...


Khadi is a kind of cotton. It is produced from natural fiber. Khadi is a handloom product and .if we go by the milestones, it is existing since 6th century. Khadi is also known as Khaddar in Bangladesh. Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a Governmental organization under Parliamentary Act ('Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act of 1956') which organizes various programs to promote in rural areas. Khadi has a biannual property that compels it to give coolness during winter and warmth during winter. "Khadi' has become a symbol. It has now become a centre of interest ...


Linen sarees are in trend these days however it is an ancient fabric. People prefer to wear Linen as it is very cool and comfortable. Linen has a good absorption property. Linen protects the body from UV rays and has an anti-bacterial and anti fungal property as well. European Linen is famous all over the world as it is very durable and fine in quality. If we compare the tensile strength of Linen with cotton and wool, it is two times stronger than cotton and three times stronger than wool. Linen is much stronger when it is wet but feels like dry. There are n number of reasons for preferring linen. It can even resist static shock. On the other hand it is good conductor of heat and conducts heat much better than wool and cotton. ...


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