Linen sarees are in trend these days however it is an ancient fabric. People prefer to wear Linen as it is very cool and comfortable. Linen has a good absorption property. Linen protects the body from UV rays and has an anti-bacterial and anti fungal property as well. European Linen is famous all over the world as it is very durable and fine in quality. If we compare the tensile strength of Linen with cotton and wool, it is two times stronger than cotton and three times stronger than wool. Linen is much stronger when it is wet but feels like dry. There are n number of reasons for preferring linen. It can even resist static shock. On the other hand it is good conductor of heat and conducts heat much better than wool and cotton.

Location: It is mostly produced in Kochi.

Plant: Linen is produced from the cellulose fibres that grows inside the flax plant. Flax is a blue flowering plant (seasonal) grows in cool climate.

Feel and Touch: Linen clothes are smooth and soft. It has a lustre. It gets softer after every wash.

Wash and Care: Linen clothes can be washed at home and should be dried naturally. if it is still wet, it should be wrapped in plastic bag and stored in refrigerator for two hours and then steam iron should be applied over it. Fabric can break if ironed at same place again and again for a longer duration.



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