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Saundraa, Handloom store of Bengal

We represent the weaver of Bengal. We deliver the product to you straight from the master weaver and designer accross the Bengal. So we can provide the collection of Sarees in unbeatable rates. In this season we tried to focus on sarees representing Bengali Culture. We have also included sarees originated from Bangladesh.

We have an assorted collection of Handloom Sarees.Choose from our wide range of cotton handloom sarees like linen, Khadi, jamdanis, kanthas, Khesh and tants.

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Khesh is made in a unique process, in which old clothes are torn into long straps. Weaver has to select straps according to color and put it in spite of wept thread. It’s a long and tedious process as the weaver has to select color of the strap according to the need.

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Linen sarees are in trend these days however it is an ancient fabric. People prefer to wear Linen as it is very cool and comfortable. Linen protects the body from UV rays and has an anti-bacterial and anti fungal property as well. 

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Shivori is a special dying process , originated from Japan. There are many types of shivoris like Kanoko shibori, Miura shibori, Kumo shibori, Nui shibori , Arashi shibori, Itajime shibori.  World Shibori Network is a global organisation for promoting Shivori technique.

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"SAUNDRAA", Handloom store of Bengal

Handloom sarees are the most precious asset of Bengal. It has a huge impact on social as well as economic development in rural India. Here in “Saundraa” we have a fresh collection of handloom sarees from all over Bengal. Explore and you will find the colours and tastes of Bengal handloom sarees

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Hey Saundraa! Does not seem like you are a newbee! Good job! I loved the saree. Be good and keep going! Good luck!!

P.S. I loved the surprise!

Arpita Das, Assam

Saundraa has really beautiful collections even though it is a startup. I bought one saree from them and they delivered within a day! The quality is really very good. I would definitely recommend Saundraa and wish them all the best!

Sesa Singha Roy, Durgapur


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