Bengal's Silk, The Elegant Experiance

Silk is known as the queen of all textiles because of its elegant look and sophisticated texture.  West Bengal is reputated for weaving high quality silk. This city like Murshidabad, Bankura have been the hub of Bengal handloom silk for centuries.

Essence of Birbhum, Handloom Khesh

Khesh is a heritage of India. Khesh is originated from Bolpur, Shantiniketan. The making of Khesh is a unique process, in which old clothes are torn into long straps. Weaver has to select straps according to color and put it in spite of wept thread.

Begumpur, The Legacy Of Bengal Handloom

Begumpuri Handloom Sarees are truely 'Begum' of all handloom sarees. Originated from Begumpur of Hooghly District of West Bengal are made of fly shuttle frame looms, locally known as 'Thak-thaki Tant’. Begumpuri sarees are comfortable, easy to maintain and very graceful. 

"SAUNDRAA" or "SAUNDRA" is a word that signifies determination and originality. It defines a true woman who is bold, beautiful and resourceful, a woman who is not afraid of taking risk. Along with her leadership, she is also particularly feminine and maternal. Most importantly "Saundra" is eager to please others. As a team, we have taken the initiative to be a part of the transformation of all the saundras' to their most dignified and original beauty.

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"SAUNDRAA", Handloom store of Bengal

Handloom sarees are the most precious asset of Bengal. It has a huge impact on social as well as economic development in rural India. Here in “Saundraa” we have a fresh collection of handloom sarees from all over Bengal. Explore and you will find the colours and tastes of Bengal handloom sarees

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Hey Saundraa! Does not seem like you are a newbee! Good job! I loved the saree. Be good and keep going! Good luck!!

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Loved the saree. Delivery was extremely prompt. Handwritten note was a sweet gesture. Super impressed!!!

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I am a loyal customer of Saundraa . It has exclusive collection of sarees and jewelleries. The variety in their collection is breathtaking and there is something for everyone. Saundraa makes shopping strikingly easier and hassle free. Their service will never dissapoint you.

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