"SAUNDRAA" or "SAUNDRA" is a word that signifies determination and originality. It defines a true woman who is bold, beautiful and resourceful, a woman who is not afraid of taking risk. Along with her leadership, she is also particularly feminine and maternal. Most importantly "Saundra" is eager to please others. As a team, we have taken the initiative to be a part of the transformation of all the saundras' to their most dignified and original beauty.

We believe in our heart that only God could design something with such blinding beauty alongside robust strength. Our logo signifies the strength and power of a women, her motherhood and all the amazing qualities that makes her the "she". It is our attempt to groom them to their most beautiful form via our handloom sarees of Bengal. It's a tribute of SAUNDRAA to all the women, playing various roles in our society, with our exclusive collection of sarees from the weavers of Bengal.

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